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Diplotator with Immunity,151 Speed and more!?

I just ran into a simple level 30 Diplotator that had immunity - couldn’t be slowed or distracted during a non-AI battle.

Is this a Ludia bot that was programmed incorrectly, a cheater, or bad/corrupt code for all Diplotators?

Help me out here please?

It was funny to battle since it had 151 speed and at least level 9 power boost and just kept powering up and biting the heck outa everything no matter how distracted or slowed! It also never powered down past 3 yellow halo self boosts. It was like the energizer bunny on steroids!

It brought back memories of that darned Lord Lythronax that by the way was the only thing instituted by Ludia that didn’t glitch - a prank played on us! (Over the prank but not over that it was the only non glitchy change.)

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Diplotator with immunity sounds cool

Sounds like AI that didn’t get programed correctly. I remember something about AI being able to pull the same dino twice. Unless it was dilplovenator which is both immune to stuns and distraction. But even that doesn’t have a power up move.
this would be a good one for screen shots. It sounds too bad to be true.

Yes, it was too bad to be true except that it was! Still laughing about it and yes it was Diplotator as stated.

1.11 leaks? Hmmmmmm…

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