Encountered this guy in the wild, and managed to create it. Here are it’s move sets and stats for this hybrid. Honestly, low key terrified looking… :joy:


Awesome! Some good moves just not sure if its enough damage… but maybe it compensates at a higher level :man_shrugging::face_with_monocle: ready to crush just doesnt convince me at all though if I can be honest (on any dino) lol


Great Job Caleb. I have never seen one but nice find and alao creating one. Looks awesome!


what level of each of those dinos do you need to create it?


I think it must be lv 5 for both ingredients.
Now we can’t create it without encounter once in wild, but this is just a bug.

BTW, that move set seems interesting. But stats are a little bit weak.:thinking:
Especially atk looks like growth slowly.


I was able to create this one then found him a bunch of times in the wild. I have to admit it makes me laugh a little every time I look at it.


I personally like this one better…


For some reason I cat fuse both irritator and diplocaulus


That’s a bug.
Ver.1.3 new hybrids now must encountered once in the wild to unlock, only super-hybrids could directly create.

They might fix this in several days, and we’ll be able to create them.


This Pokemon got lost in JWA :man_facepalming:t3:


Her mouth looks really creepy! She lost the “harmless and cute” look from the diplocaulus in exchange for some legitimate menacing appearance. Horns are cute though, and I like her coloring. I approve of the design!


Looks abit pointless if you’re in a higher arena… attack is very low… anyone got it to a high level to see how it performs?


Looks ridiculous tbh

but it reminds me of something…



I think it’s adorable!


How’s your lv.18 anklocodon looking out in stats?


Glad to see this critter make a return from JWTG, it was one of my favorites in that game :smile: I agree it looks a bit weak tho. Sub 300 attack and meh moves? I hope it gets better once you level it up.


But, not only I can’t unlock it but also I don’t find or ever saw a diplocaulus after the update


Here he is at level 12, not in my team yet as damage is not to my liking just yet but I think it’s pretty lol


HP looks Great, but yeah dmg to Low :confused:


I just did a couple of friend battles to test her and she certainly seems weak. Such a shame, she is pretty =(