Diplove attack icons

I was actually going to mention this a number of months back but never got around to doing it, but I actually logged into the game today and checked and it hasnt been changed so figured I would mention it.

Anyway 3 of Diplovenator attacks share icons that seem too similar, two are actually the same exact one, with the third simply with the priority thing on it, this might cause confusion to some players.

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Maybe they could change the icon on distracting rampage to have 4 slash marks? And the instant distraction could be just a down arrow in red


I’ve had to take a few extra seconds trying to figure out which is which. I don’t use her often enough to remember where each is.


Yeah when it first came out in had it on my team and had to do the same, I figured it was just an oversight but when I was checking out the new hybrids today I went back and checked and it’s still the same, so thought I’d mention it.

And yes adding additional or less scratches could help differentiate between a distraction impact and a rampage.


@Ludia_Developers You could actually alter the colour of the icons as a way to differentiate between the various levels of damage, for instance a 1x damage attack could have a yellow icon, a 1.5 impact could have orange and a 2x rampage could have the current deep red/maroon colour!

Or also it could have a small number at the bottom of the icon, 1x for a strike, 1.5x for a impact and a 2x for a rampage!

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They could use this one thats made by me.



I like it :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome! If only we could have that in game

Even the Pounce icon could be changed to be more like the one for the move Distraction, where the claw marks are white, but there’s a red arrow.

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