Diplovenator Buff

So I was playing around during the fierce event, and decided to give Diplovenator a try. Turns out, he’s rather good, but he needs some stat improvements. His moves are pretty good for Diplovenator to be Cunning-Fierce, but his stats aren’t that great. So here is my thought on improving him.

Leave your thoughts down below!


their parents have over that damage, therefore they must have a damage greater than 1,05k

Those changes seem rather specific, apart from the speed. What were you trying to achieve?

It’s a stat buff specifically. I could change more but just woke up and decided good idea. Guess I could see a better buff, just gotta find it.

Oh, I thought you were trying to change a specific matchup or two. I think the stats are fine as they are now, but maybe it could get swap-in Distraction or something.

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Maybe. Didn’t Diplo gen 2 have it? Plus, with the counter, it would work rather well. But I buffed the speed due to me thinking it’s just a bit low for a cunning fierce based mostly on distraction

Forgot about speed for a second. 118 definitely seems better.

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It’s parents had 125 and 104, so I brought it up to 118. That way most chompers can’t outspeed it easily, and I’m thinking of using it.

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Ok. I have changed him a bit more. What do you think?

I think a group Distracting damaging move could work, but a group shattering move would be encroaching on the pigs’ niche.

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True, but the pigs mainly focus on group shattering and buffing, diplo only distracts and removes shields. Plus, it has a 2 turn cooldown

Group shattering moves are exclusive to the pigs though. You could argue that some chompers like T.Rex could get group shattering moves, but on Diplovenator it just doesn’t sit well with me. There’s nothing objectively wrong with it.

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I just made it Group to give it more viability in raids

Also, Thor has group shattering


Delay: 2. Cooldown: 1.

Target: Self. Taunt for 1 turn.

Target: Highest Hp. Bypass Dodge. Attack 3X (3000).

where did you get


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Devastation is separate from Devastating Impact. Devastation is a 3x move, Devastating Impact has a combination of 2 different moves that will cripple resilient and fierce, that’s why it’s devastating

Yeah, but group shattering moves suit the chompers better.

Also “Devastating” implies some connection to the move Devastation, so a name change would probably be best.


True. Just thought it sounded better than Group Distracting Shattering Impact. I’ll change real fast

How about this?

I like it. I also think it need a buff. It’s good though