Diplovenator - good?

Anyone tried out the Diplovenator?

I used it in some friendlies and I crushed Tryko, but still not sure it can be a good member of my team.

It’s a big thing to use all coins to level up so need to be sure that it’s worth it.

If you can boost it to be faster than Thor it will annihilate it!

Tested mine in a friendly against a Rex and distracted to the point of Rex doing zero damage lol

Nice!! I will use some coins then!

If it had immunity it would hard counter Thor as the instant charge is the only thing to worry about.

I really liked it, though it could have been just a little bit faster. The average is 115 so…

Even if instant charge lands and the stun also lands, Diplovenator’s distraction will still be active on thor. So yes, Diplovenator is a hard counter to Thor, and super thor if you boost it just as much. Thats why it has earned a spot on my team :slight_smile:

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Cool!! I will use my boost at him!

The problem is that after Instant Charge, Diplo will be in range of Draco 1 shot.

I would love to give it a try…if the diplocaulus gen2 didn’t vanish

I want your opinion on this. Diplovenator or Grypolyth. I’ve made Diplovenator and can start to make Grypolyth soon. With more access to Diplo G2 this week, I will be able to do way more fuses. This is my current team

Which one would work better in my team

Both are very good options, and it comes down to which you value more; having a rending counter attacker that can heal and obliterate every tank in existance (and does decent against erlidom if its at full health), or use a hard counter to thor. Both are pretty good.

Id advise caution on diplovenator, because while its good at what its does, it struggles a lot from faster things and immunity

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K thanks. I do have Pura and will soon have carnotarkus, so maybe diplov will suit it better. When I have unlocked both, I might try and compare them and see which one is generally more useful

Good idea!

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I faced a Diplovenator for the first time today in the arena. It was a lvl 20, I think boosted.

I had my Tryo out, and used Ferocious Strike to kill off their first dino, then the opponent brought out Diplovenator and immediately used… Instant Distract :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::crazy_face:

My Tryo responded with a one-shot kill.