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Diplovenator kit modification?

I use diplovenator in arena and love him but personally would love to see him have a small kit change. In our current immunity and dodge meta, he is far too slow and damage underwhelming without good counters. 3 out of his 4 abilities are distraction related which wasn’t bad before but with most dinos in arena easily counter him and are immune to his distraction attacks. I would like to see one of his distraction attacks changed out for either a slowing attack or a shielding attack. Realistically a shield attack makes sense coming from his concavator parent. But slowing attack would make him more relevant against the likes of indo and some other speeders. I know he’s not a unique but even against some other common legendaries and epics he’s lost some of his oompf. Or maybe that’s something to add in to hopefully a hybrid for him. Just me wishfully thinking :slight_smile: