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Diplovenator Superhybrid Idea


Rarity: Unique

Hybrid Components: Diplovenator + Kelenken

Hp: 4300
Attack: 1300
Speed: 128
Armor: 0%
Crit Chance: 5%


Raking Claws
Distracting Rampage
Instant Distraction

Swap in Dodge
1x Definite Counter
Immune to Distraction and Deceleration



Unlike most terror birds, the Diplovaken spends most of it’s time fishing at water’s edge, using its long, powerful talons and beak to snatch fish that stray from their schools. However, it is incredibly aggressive, and will not hesitate to slaughter anything that enters its territory, no matter its size.


I like Kelenken making an Unique Hybrid with Phorusaura.

Dipvenator + Entelodon is a good choice.
Diplodon (Unique)
Mutual Fury
Defenite Rampage
Distracting Rampage
1x Defenite Counter
Immune to Distraction and Stun
4000 HP
1100 Damage
120 Speed
10% Armour
5% Crit


I like it, not too OP, but still quite powerful. The lack of T1 damage could be an interesting piece to work with but the definite counter helps to offset that a bit.

I have HIGH hopes for a GREAT hybrid.

Love this dino so much!


yeah, the near nonexistent turn 1 damage is it’s primary weakness. Once it passes turn 1, it can go to town

Although I don’t think instant distraction should be on its move set since it just be a slower rat plus the fact it has ranking claws means that even a elrkosaur can’t either cloak to kill it and with side step belles to kill it so it’s kind to op not much but just a bit

may i ask how you think it’s be a slower rat? It lacks SiR, has very bad turn 1 damage, and has a primary weakness in stuns and (to a degree, as it has definite counter) armor. Cant heal either lol

I meant proRAT not the og rat

But wait doesn’t it have a definite rampage that goes through armor

And like what can tanks do against it they can’t slow it and ceratopsians have to low attack to do anything against it

Diplovenator would made a great unique fused with scolossaurus
Hp 4100
Atk 1000
Spd 110
Armor 20%
Crit 5%
Vulnerability strike
Instant distaction
Distraction impact
Distraction rampage
Passive precise counter atack
Immunne to distraction
Similar look of skoolassaurus but with boomerang head

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like i said, it has a weakness to stun, so if tragod or any ceratopsian lands the stun, theyll get another free turn to get damage on it

it doesnt have definite rampage. Raking Claws is just a regular rampage that nulls cloak and evasion. If i gave it definite rampage, then i would consider it OP, which is why i opted for Raking Claws instead. Plus it fits the terror bird theme

Then erlidom, spyx, and friends can go against it. While it can bypass their effects either from immunes or sidestep, they can certainly get some damage in against it

Oh okay lol I kinda goofed up Sade someone else suggest definite rampage and though it was part of the og my bad :joy: got to big of a brain here

Ya okay the ya I agree with it being a good one

My idea of a Diplovenator superhybrid:

Secovenator (Secodontosaurus + Diplovenator)

Hp: 3900
Dmg: 1150
Speed: 114
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%

-Distracting Impact
-Critical Impact
-Distracting Rampage

Precise Shattering Counter
Immunity (Passive)

I love this

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