Loving the love machine :slight_smile:


Just got mine too. Love this one, might put it on my team for fun (since Stegodeus has been getting chomped too much anyway).

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Whats its base stats?

This sounds like an invention by none other than… Dr. Doofenshmirtz :joy:



Lvl 16 it has 2302 health, 614 damage, 110 speed.

110 speed…

Well thor, nice knowing you

That thing may very well be the Thoradolosaur counter we’ve been needing. Thats the hybrid that has distraction out the kazoo, right?

Yeah it has:

Definite Strike
Instant Distraction - 90% reduction
Distracting Impact - x1.5 + 50% reduction for 2 turns
Distracting Rampage - x2 + 50% reduction for 2 turns
Plus 1x counter-attack

Yeah…that might be our thor counter. Im expecting this thing to be all over the place

I already have Concave at 15 and Diplo Gen 2 is at 14 and I live in L4 so it shouldn’t be long until this beast is on my roster.

Hey, i live in L4 too

Local 4 bros for days :sunglasses:

Yeah, I just moved to a place that’s in L4 so I’m hoping that will help with DNA I need.