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Dirtiest tactic

The worst tactic I can think of (and works almost every time) is when your opponent let the timer run (wasting a lot of time) and make you think they’re afk, then when it comes to the right time they use a game changing move to surprise you… Really hate those people, just play moves normally don’t waste time or try to trick your enemies by pretending to be afk, there are much cleaner ways to beat your enemy with skill…
Its a waste of time and its VERY annoying


Yeah, hate this strategy. Best just play like you always would when someone appears afk, give them no chance.


in the tournaments I purposly waste time so that a thylacotator goes bleed on my delib prowl so i just cleanse.

what I meant is different. In tournaments you do it on purpose because you want to go next on a speedtie, but in arena where you’re not in a speedtie some people still play last, just to confuse enemies by making you think they’re afk so they can take you by surprise after
not really a cool strategy to learn more like an annoying one



oh ok. Just a missunderstanding.

I can not tell you much, I use this strategy moderately (when I am outmatched by my rival) I do the afk, then I use an attack to catch him “off guard” and leave the score level, but often I occupy it to win.

Strategy is strategy, only that some are more considered than others

he’s not talking about a “real” strategy, no, he’s talking about when the opponent takes a long time to choose another creature to make us believe he’s in trouble

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I say it in a “moreja” way so that it is not such a tense environment

What?,:flushed:moreja.what’s this?

Moral of the story, but it no longer causes the same effect😳

Haaa… okay :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure I that’s dirtier than leading with Grypo and attacking turn 1 (+counter) then heal then swapping to Rat and cleansing then swapping to Cera.


It’s not a strategy, it’s a misdirecting practice that has nothing to do with actual battle skill. You cannot sweet talk this, sorry.


yeah. just play normallly so there is no chance of this happening.


I also agree its not a strategy just a misleadding tactic.


when your opponent brings out creatures that duplicate your team, you need “different and little combenational strategies” People like me have to adapt when their rivals duplicate it, you can’t deny me that, sorry.

I have creatures that are good for the aviary, but not high leveled, but strategy helps me get some wins. But those players that act as if they’re afk are annoying, happened to me against a thor with max attack boosts, cost me the battle


That’s pretty clever. It’s a unique way of luring you into a sense of security. That’s why you always assume your opponent will come back on that very turn. There is no room for clouded morality in the arena.


When the tactic is being used repeatedly from many people, that’s not clever anymore, its more like following bad examples, when you can beat others with actual skills instead, which I don’t see from most of those people

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