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Dirtiest tactic

It’s pathetic, that’s what it is.


It is skill, It’s real life intellect, as opposed to knowing basic math.

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I think you would be surprised just how often the tactic works.

You just have to assume they’ll come to life every time and take nothing for granted.

Purposely stalling the timer to ‘play dead’ is pure gamesmanship. I’ve done it to annoy emote spammers or (more controversially) try to trick overlevelled monsters that I meet in Advantage tourneys.

Overusing it in regular PvP seems needlessly annoying though. I’d rather just play they game than waste my own time trying to tease out a potential slight advantage.


I know even worse tactic : Disturb you maximaly by series of nonsence emotes.

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Yep. I always assume they’re going to use the proper move, and I act accordingly. Sometimes that drags the battle out even more because I’m shielding or whatever, but I’d rather take my time and win than get careless and lose.

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Never lax during pvp battles. Fight like your opponent is going to use their best moves at any point. You give an inch and they will take a mile.


I dont understand how this works? You play afk opponents different than active ones? Why? Whats the point in changing strat for an afk opponent?

both ahve low health but your faster if you hit he will die…if you think hes not there you take a snipe but what he is doign is going to sap at the last moment aprt from wasting time i see no issue in it…i dont do it because well i dont want to :stuck_out_tongue:

If they don’t think you’re there they can get distracted and sloppy with an assumed win.
Start a conversation, watch TV, etc etc.
Sometimes when I draw 3 swappers and I know my hand is really crippled the best strategy is to open with Dracocera with 1 second remaining… and let the circus begin.
3 swappers can go from ultimate failure to glorious win by ONE mistake made by the opponent.
The arena is 80% draw, 20% mind game.


Using this tactic AND rat makes you a bad, bad person.
Bumpy does not approve.


JWA does not favor good guys. LOL
emotes are the same thing.
distract you opponent.
I have found it was a distraction when my opponent uses them, AND when I attempt to use them.
Best bet is to disable all together.

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Have had some fun moments where my lvl 28 Titanoboa with 3700 rampage damage ruined this tactic because they plan on swapping in the end :japanese_ogre:

When you see DC walks out and opponent chose on time, you know swap party is coming.

Recently wiped two teams with my Eremoceros because people tried this strategy and I just continued to play safe with keeping camouflage up, always play to the best you can and it’s just them crippling themselves.

Its not always the same case when it comes to facing multi-class creatures like tryko/smilo where they can go for slow or shield or big attack or distract, with each move there’s a different way to counter. Easy to say get prepared for the worst but when it comes to guessing moves there’s no way to prepare against these lame players

I’ve seen a lot of people who tell me that using that tactic is a rat and things like that and I’m like “sorry for win you because of a mechanic that the game allows me”

There are things more problematic than people pretending to be AFK, nitro creatures are a problem, but it is also a mechanic that the game allows.

However this tactic isn’t THAT effective, people sacrifice first few turns in order to make it work, sometimes it doesn’t even work at all. But no matter it works or not it is really annoying because its all about wasting time and it is a scummy move, I’m 100% against this tactic and whenever opponent does it I just give them thumbs down

If it wasn’t that effective no one would do it.
I’ll take a thumbs down for an Inc.
I wouldn’t see it anyway.