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Dirtiest tactic

Its not always effective and sometimes its not worth losing the first few turns. But it is certainly a disgusting tactic that is time wasting, annoying and scummy

It’s effective enough to use it though.
Once 50%+ of my opponents quit falling for it I will adjust my tactics.

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you can play with your morals and i’ll play however the game lets me play.

also… some phones literally don’t connect you to you opponent untill after the first 2 moves.
i’ve seen it and it’s awful. my friend was always playing a creature down and not being able to choose for a while.

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In that case its not the player’s choice, there’s no wrong in your friend for that. Its all about intentions and yes its a moral thing but doesn’t mean it is worthless

but how would you know? there’s no indication of intent. so it’s just someone who’s AFK that all of a sudden uses a non basic move.

I can’t tell everyone off for doing it, but I’m certain there are people who does it for the sake of the tactic. And I’m simply addressing my hate towards this tactic, many people agree with me as well. There are other ways to win a game without using this irritating technique

obviously enough people fall for it that it continues to be used. if it didn’t work, people wouldn’t use it. same with DC and swappers. if the tactic isnt effective, they wouldn’t be using it. all you can do is not fall for it.

Sometimes I fall for it, and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I fall for it and still win, sometimes I fall for it and lose. But every time its time wasted. They gave swappers a swap in move because that’s their intention to introduce swappers and let them be game changers. But I highly doubt they made the timer so people can pretend AFK to confuse people. Its there to give people time to decide which move to use, not an extra 15 seconds wait each turn before they use their basic move

There are many paths to victory, but the path of least resistance is the most effective.
Library is filled with moralistic people that could easily be Nublar if they played like their actual life depended on it.
Pretend your life DOES depend on it if that what it takes to play to win.
Go for the jugular!
The higher you go, the more you can bet your opponent will

If it isn’t a good strat they why are you complaining about it?

He complains because he feels it is a nuisance and he does not like it … I hope that is it

While it’s not particularly effective it does waste a bunch of time and comes across as underhanded.

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But if it is a strat that works then sure, use it. And if they use it and it fails, bam free incubator

Circle just keeps spinning sometimes on my phone, then snap connecting again. It’s a pain.

same my team is pretty low level but with the right move combonations I can normally get a win.

There’s a player Ive faced a number times in the low Library who does this on purpose.

Their team is fully leveled and boosted and they persist to troll and act AFK to waste as much time as possible. Only when the match changes to be in your favor do they actually turn the heat up and end you.

Dragging out a slaughter is the rudest thing you can do in the already insufferable PVP landscape.