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Dirty Stat Padders

What do you think about these new STAT BOOSTS? How do you use them on all into your top dinosaurs to ‘saur’ up the arenas, or do you use them to balance out your team? Do you even refuse to use them. Answers on a postcard.

Now the matches are mostly the team with the fastest dino wins… completely out of wack and even I end up on both sides of this with my supped up dino’s. Usually if my fastest gets picked and it or they are faster than my opponent, I win, no mater what level my opponent dinos. If my opponents are faster than me, I loose no matter if my highest dinos are picked.


This game has definitely degraded into who has the most overpowered Legendaries/Uniques basically wins. If you haven’t even unlocked and levelled them up you don’t stand a chance. But even then you don’t stand a chance because your opponents have already boosted them to max. There really doesn’t seem like there’s a game to be played any more, no strats, stats don’t matter, he who has the most stat padded Thor, Erlid, Tryko wins without any skill required. Why did we waste the last year grinding to make balanced teams?

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Don’t use them - using my tournament team in Sorna (sorry to sound like a broken record)

Levels should trump stat boosts. Stats should fall in between each level to help counter same leveled Dino or hold there own against one or at most two levelled higher Dino. For eg a stat boosted lvl21 shouldn’t destroy a lvl 25 Dino that’s stat boosted or not. A stat boosted lvl 21 should only have chance to beat a lvl21 That’s not as stat boosted or at most hold it’s own again 22-23 if it’s boosted closer to lvl 22.