Disability Friendly


Now I don’t know exactly how they could go about doing this but with other games of this type they are really unfriendly to people with disabilities. I love these games but they are hard to play with a disability. If they could make it more disability friendly without people having to pay money to get ahead just because they are unable to physically get around.
Here’s some background to show what I mean. I’ve got three torn ligaments in my right knee and can barely make it up and down my apartment stairs. With the way the other games work I’m just out of luck, I can’t play at all.
JW Alive is already better at that since the drone can travel a pretty good distance and I am lucky enough to have a drop right next to my home so I don’t have problems with darts. But with the disability I have if I didn’t have that drop right next to me the game would be nearly as unplayable as the others.
I love the game so far but with my injury my progress is extremely slow going because I’m limited to catching only what spawns right near me.