Disabled Limits


All of the local areas for events are incredibly inaccessible. They’re either in the middle of parks or fields that you can’t get to by wheelchair and even with the boost I’m lucky if I get one dinosaur appear a day. I’ve reported areas before but it would be good if there was a feature to allow people with mobility issues to either have a slightly larger circle or be able to access events within the range so they can get to supply drops others can walk to. (This could be a free or purchasable adjustment especially for children or disabled users).
Also there needs to be a confirmation on purchases as I have a spasm disorder and have spent so much on this game due to no confirmation button.


I agree. There should be something like… Wondering dinos! You know, let some walk arround in maybe a small area! Also maybe putting supply drops on sidewalks instead of middle of road or grass. I see what you mean​:smiley::+1: