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Since I have been playing JPA a few days, I have had a number of battles with people who have epic and legendary dinosaurs, I’m only on the battle arena 3 and have dinosaurs that are at highest level 6 and so they have me at an unfair advantage is there anyway to make these battles more level based so that we’re playing others with a similar level? Because it takes far too long to advance through the arenas


From what I’ve read thats the AI that you’re fighting against as there’s nobody to queue up against. Pretty frustrating, especially when you lose multiple times in a row.


Agreed, all my dinosaurs are levelled between 6 and 9 and I end up battling with ones that are levelled between 10 and 12


What I’ve done and it’s seemed to work so far at least is try to queue up and if I don’t get anything within like 10 - 15 seconds at the most I cancel and then try to queue again and then it gets me right in with an actual person. Haven’t had any crazy unfair matches like the AI matches.


It is balanced, your playing against other people in your league. Getting epics is easy, I have a full team of epics and legendaries. I’ve only played 1 pvp fight. I have to fight my way through the leagues of weak players, to get to a league where people are as strong as me.