I am disabled and don’t get out too much so mainly play from home. I find the event creatures and rarer ones are just out of reach so only get a few to get.
How much of a disadvantage am I at? Most of my creatures are only around LVL 5 and I’m only LVL 4, should I play more PvP or wait until I’m a little stronger? I’m a bit hit and miss.
Any tip would be most welcome.


Just enjoy the game. Don’t pressure much on things and never ever compare circumstances with anyone. I’m sure this just don’t apply in game. With that said, I rarely go out too since I am quite lazy but I do check my phone most of the time even when I am at work. As far as I’ve noticed I catch between 70% common, 20% rare and 10% epics whenever I just stay put. It varies whenever I see an epic or rare that I like pop at the edge of the radar thats when I go to it.

Just enjoy the game at your leisure. The game is kind of offputting esp around 3k trophies if you’re not a spender. I’ve only spent $40 and I would rather not spend more due to balance. I’m currently at 3.3k without legendaries.


Anyone who is at all unable to travel as much as the next person who can might consider themselves at a disadvantage insofar as they simply don’t catch as much.

Myself, for example, with a knee that operates only at about 25% efficiency right now and causes me pain every day (sometimes excruciatingly so) means I don’t go “hunting”. I have four 10-15 minutes walks each day to work and back: one to start work, one to cone home from it, and both again for lunch to take care of my pets at midday. I can’t be bothered to put up with the discomfort to do more than that.

Even so, I’ve amassed a nice collection:

And have done (what I feel is) relatively well in arenas:

I’ve bought 4 lower-priced one-time offers, 3 for actual money and 1 for in-game cash, and nothing regularly-priced.

You’ll note that my arena team still uses 3 commons, and all three have been arguably better than my epics so I’m inclined to say that, so long as you get the occasional or even frequent spawns at your house, you’ll still do just fine in arenas and the rest of it is more or less as Paytolose suggested: make your own enjoyment out of it. :slight_smile:


You are in a disadvantage in terms that you will likely not reach the top 50, but to be honest, neither will anyone else unless they pay big amounts of real money. With that kind of team you certainly can fight. Should you? Depends on whether you enjoy it. The combat system is what made me love the game, I found it entertaining and I play matches because they are fun, not for the rewards. I remember when I was starting I ended up in arena 3 with a very underleveled team because I just couldn’t stop fighting! Don’t be afraid of that: the worst thing that could happen is that you start to lose and go back to the previous arena. The way I see it, there’s no need of ‘waiting to get a better team’, it’s more entertaining being underleveled and winning sometimes than begin overleveled and always winning without effort.

Good luck and enjoy the game!


Here are the evidences just when the Trex popped. This is me just being a lazy bum in my place. Just enjoy the game to your terms. :smiley: