Disappearing dinos when you get closer to get some DNA


I really find this annoying and frustrating that whenever I spot a rare/epic dinosaur outside of my range and I make an effort to walk to get some DNA they simply disappear when I’m super close! This should NEVER happen! That never happened to me in Pokemon Go. Can you make some changes to the game so it sees players getting closer and keeps dinosaurs on the map for a bit longer? Pretty please? It’s really putting me off. Does anyone else have the same problem?


Yes we have, we are suggesting to put something like a despawning light or something so that we can know if we can get closer or launch the drone at 150 meters because we will not have enough time to get at 25 meters to have the battery fully full :wink:


It’s not just that. I’ve had them disappear after I collect from a supply drop or finish darting another rare/epic dinosaur nearby.