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Disappearing Event Drops


Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of event drops have been disappearing. They will be there for a few hours, maybe one day, then they disappear. Right now, this has left me with not a single event drop within walking distance of my house.

For the rare event spawns from Wednesday to Friday, the event drops would appear at 8am with all the other drops and strikes as usual. Then, by about noon, they would all be gone and replaced with regular drops.

The epic spawns this weekend had a few stops near me yesterday, and today there are none. I am extremely frustrated because I have been looking forward to this event since it was announced, as these epics are very useful for hybrids. I even tagged along as a passenger when someone in my house did a coffee run - in a half hour of driving around, I was only able to find ONE event spawn. On my map, I can only see a few green supply drops far off on the horizon (and most are not accessible by foot from my location - I’d have to drive around a large natural valley to access it from the other side.)

What on earth is going on? Where have all the event drops gone?

I can’t access these by foot, even if I walked through the -30C snowstorm outside.

This is the only one that I can see that is feasibly reachable - but it’s still a 15 min walk through -30C weather and tons of snow, or a drive in the car. I thought this game was supposed to be played on foot?

Hi I would like there to be some green event drops in the game so I can dart my 9 dinos

Same here, though it’s more like 0C. I got one epic yesterday, now they all gone :frowning:

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This game is terrible to play on foot sadly… Ludia wants you driving and playing…


Still better than pokemon go, at least. With pokemon go I’d have to drive just to see a single stop, because there’s nothing in the suburbs. At least with this game I can walk my dogs and have stops and spawns in my own neighborhood. And up until now, that included event spawns usually. Now I’m just really disappointed. :frowning:


Events that have a real good selection of dinos tends to have less event stops. Honestly i went out today… and found 1… yesterday there were 3.


Thanks, would be great


I even tagged along on a coffee run as a passenger to try to get event spawns. The trip was about half an hour total and we took a different route home. I only got one event spawn! You shouldn’t have to drive around for hours to find these things.

Today’s (common) event drops just appeared and there aren’t any anywhere near me either. So it’s not just limited to rare and epic events - it seems like they’ve dialed down all the event drops for some reason.


I’m sorry to hear this DeeThicket. However, it’s possible for the Supply Drops in the game to move around and change. There’s a bit more information on our FAQ here:


I didnt say rare or epic I said event with good dinos… this week is insanely good… and thus out of 35 stops i can see i have 1 green supply.

Ive emailed support about in the past. And was told they would pass my feedback along. Meanwhile the better weeks i just randomly have less supply drops.


I know they move and change. That’s fine. The issue here is that they’re disappearing after a few hours, or there are none within walking distance at all. For a game that’s supposed to be played while walking to have so few event stops that you can’t even get event spawns while DRIVING, that’s just unacceptable.


I have lots of parks near me, so I can see lots of green stops far in the distance. But nothing is within 500m at least of my location, so I can only see things very far away. And many of them aren’t even accessible even if I were to go for a walk/drive because of the terrain (cliffs, steep hills, lack of paths/roadways, etc)


Sad but true, can confirm that. I really dont like to drive hours only to find some drops. But i have no other choice… :neutral_face:


I know the pain… my only park is state game lands. The stops no rhyme or reason there so hitting those park events require walking into the woods where there is no paths, roads ect.

Like Ive said I emailed support about this issue before… they thanked me for my feedback and that was the end of it. Next time there is a flyer events or counter attack event take notice at how many green stops are around you. Its done by design.


There’s a huge park that wraps my community from the north and east sides. It has one path down the middle for people to access it, and some rough hiking trails through the rest. The southern edge of the park is basically a cliff, with some sections being more like a steep hill you might be able to climb down in good conditions. From where I’m at I’d either have to drive around to the north side (about a half hour drive - this place is massive) or go about a kilometer west to where the hill is less steep and you can get down into the valley on foot.
The drops there are technically accessible, so I don’t think they should be removed. But they are impossible for anyone from the south side to get to safely, and incredibly difficult for just about everyone when the weather is bad. It’s been around -30C to -20C for a few weeks now so there’s just no way anyone is going down there for a hike. It’s not even good terrain for snowshoeing.
I just wish there were more green drops around even if there are parks nearby, because parks aren’t always accessible. They make them randomly spawn in areas with no parks at all, but if you have a park nearby you’re kinda screwed. And now they seem to have reduced the chances of them spawning even more, so it’s getting harder and harder to find any that are accessible.

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@Kristi Other people have noticed. lol


@MikkoAmour ikr? Might as well put them back in parks hehe (please no don’t ever do that again)