Disappearing event spots


When the crossover of two events came up and the green event stops started appearing outside of park areas I thought… Great! More chances at event dinosaurs on my walk to and from the park.

The problem now is that what once was a park with 10 event spots it’s now dropped down to 4 as most have either been replaced with basic spots or strike events. And all those extra event spots have now completely vanished.

It’s now getting to the point where it’s almost pointless taking the 2 mile walk for the event dinosaurs


I have noticed same thing, so many event supply drops have changed to normal supply drops :frowning: and it really doesn’t help when there’s so many strikes (which I love btw) i have already completed but still are there and no chance for a new event supply drop.


Now there was even less event supply drops! For the first time I am having problems finding enough megalo (or whatever dino I have desired previously) to use all my darting oppprtunities.


They change all the time some says there’s ones inside my circle when I’m at home then the next day it’s gonw it’s really irritating.


They change all the time. I don’t know why they keep moving.


Yes, they change everyday after 5pm but this week here seems to be way less than after 1.4 arrived.


Today I opened a treasure chest and it became a strike event immediately. Now, I’m no tech wizard, but if that’s possible then I think it should work the same for strike events themselves. Once it’s done, it should disappear from the map immediately and be either a normal or park supply drop. What’s the point of loads of faded strike events cluttering the map and blocking dinos?


Getting worse now. Ten park spots and only two are event ones and the rest all strikes.


I went out for over two hours today in town. I got absolutely zero Velociraptor spawns for the event. I got two Galli girls and then one more on the way back home and then 6 raptors on the back roads.

This is primarily due to the extreme shortage of event spawns. Every “hot spot” has had at least 80% of the spawn points changed or removed outright. It’s already a relatively small town and this is just needless inconvenience for the sake of inconvenience.

If I could only get 9 things in 2 hours (hell, I’d have even taken Tany but everything’s filled to overflow with Deino and I have zero desire to grab those)…well…it’s going to be an exceptionally stressful day tomorrow as 39 more tries simply are NOT going to happen.