Disappearing Green Supply Crates


After the latest update a lot, and I mean a lot of the green supply crates have disappeared from the map, I calculate that around 60% of the green crates of my city are no longer there… Has anyone encountered a similar situation on your cities??? Do you think this might be related to the upcoming Strike Events???


Yes so many park stops Got removed that it might be relater to strike events :thinking:


There are 3 near my house that were removed as well. 2 were alongside streets, so i think it is justified. 1 is removed from a park wich i could see from my house. Bit sad to see that one go, but hey, if i jump on my bike i can find around 5 more. Just takes 30-60 min of riding. Supply depots some gone, and some moved. Nothing major.


They’re all gone for me. Think events are over?


Yes they are all gone for me, too, but they disappeared like 3 hours too early…
I really wanted to use my remaining 5 tries on my way home.
This really stinks.
Especially since the Event Timer showed the usual time left earlier today.
No Megalosaurus for me I guess.


I lost the one green stop in the closest park to me as well. Is there some kind of un-flag we can use to request stops be added? It’s a legit park and it’s still shown as green on the map and everything.


I lost mine earlier, but they came back again fairly soon! no idea why!