Disappearing reappearing speed up ads in hatchery and evolve chambers

When you use a speed up ad, sometimes the next one disappears shortly after returning post speed up ad. This causes me to than buy out the creature instead of using the next speed up ad.

Can you either make the buy and speed up buttons not take the same screen space?

Or just make the speed up ads disappear after watching one and whatever brings them back will bring them back?

I’m at the point in the game where I don’t need them anymore, so I may just stop watching the ads to help support the game if it is doing harm to my game when I’m just doing it to support you.



This sometimes happens.
However when it’s about creature cooldown theres a glitch in where you use this feature to get -10 minutes free instead if watching an ad

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I’m still getting burned by this… guess it wasn’t fixed in the last update.

If they were at least consistent about disappearing …

Oh welll.


Part of me feels like it is intentionally designed to catch us slippin’.

Ludias got David Blaine coding the speedup button.


Bit me again today, still disappearing… why I still watch them, I’m not sure…


Its bitten me a few times in the past
Now I’m way more vigilant about waiting to let it do the stupid reset/flash thing before I click it.
But there’s always those times when you think its good, go to click it and the dang thing changes before you can stop!

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If it was at least consistent in how long before they disappear, but they are not.

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I haven’t seen the flickering in and out in a long time now. I think this might have been fixed?

Maybe, I had found a little trick with it anyway, and it was to press and hold and if the ad button disappeared to slide your finger away from it, but if it didnt then let go, seemed to work well.


I am really cautious with this, having been caught out many times. I do one speed-up then wait, on the assumption that it will change. But you may be right that this is happening less.

What still annoys me is that when you have a creature about to finish cool-down, you get the green ‘speed up’ button to revive it early. That’s fine, but then I get several others still on cool-down that go green too. You have to be really careful not to click on the wrong thing, especially if you are doing the ‘3-speed ups’ task, or you spend bucks by mistake.

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This has started happening again today and yesterday for me. I think it is in areas where my WiFi isn’t as strong.

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Hello everybody!
Since Monday 13.09.2021, problems with viewing ads have become common. Some of them will not be played, and free views will be canceled. For example videos Raid, Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade, King of Avalon, etc. Fix this bugs, please! Thanks!

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