Disappearing sanctuaries?

If sanctuaries are supposed to last for 2 weeks, why are they disappearing from the list in the alliance tab under “shared sanctuaries”

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@dinolord don’t think I’m the only one :man_facepalming:t2:

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As per the FAQ on Sanctuaries they only remain shared with alliance for 24hrs, but should be able to be re-shared. They aren’t shared for 14 days, that’s just the timer for when the sanctuary resets all lvls.


Oh thanks! Guess I missed this part in the article

IYou can access any dino that’s in a sanctuary by going directly to that dino in your dino list even when the sanctuary leaves your alliances view.

Your dinos stay 48 hours but the sanctuary leaves sooner at 24 I believe. So access them that way to feed ect…

Once the 48 hours is up for your dino and who shared it they have to re enter and share sanctuary again and reapply dinos and keep levelling sanctuary up

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