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Disappearing Treasure Chests


Hooray, well done Ludia on running another Treasure Hunt for chests of coins!
However I have experienced a problem with disappearing treasure chests. It’s happened twice already that when I see 2 or more treasure chests on the map after I collect the first one all the others simply disappear, and they don’t reappear even after resetting the game or anything. Totally unfair, this game is trolling me. :frowning:


Happened to me too last night


That’s why it was called “Treasure Hunt”. You had to hunt them. In the moment one or more chests dissappeared, they spawned somewhere new. So you had to hunt them :wink: For me it was fun opening a chest, don’t know where the next one will appeare and search for them.


The movement of the treasure chests has nothing to do with one opening a chest. They move every 6h once the current group duration is over. Opening 2 chests within the group duration is the limit and makes all the chests disappear for that duration.

Btw, did the treasure chest event end morning 10am EST? I didn’t see new chests coming after the morning ones.


It ended at 9am EST, I saw 6-7 treasure chests on the map at around 8:30am this morning and it showed the event was ending in half an hour. I went out and hunted 2, then all disappeared, and it was only 8:40am! How sad…


Thanks for confirming! So it was just a total 24hr event!!
Guess we have been spoiled by the previous Treasure Hunt event :smiley:


This same thing happened to me. I collected one and then all others are gone. They are also much fewer than before. Love the game but when you have several Dino’s needing to upgrade and can’t because low coin count that’s bad.