Disappointed in variety of dinosaurs


I’m on vacation and was hoping that flying for 11 hours to a whole new place would reveal different dinos I hadn’t yet seen in the USA. However, this is not the deal. It’s the same 4-5 dinosaurs that are in my home area. Super irritating! I’m loving every minute detail about my tropical location, except for the dinosaur options.


What dinos haven’t you seen yet? epics commons certain rares in particular? I’m on vacation as well, and went from local zone 1 to local zone 3. lf anything, they should make more stops at airports. Three lay overs and only managed to get one epic, and some parasaurolophus.


Everywhere I go I’m 75% of time in local 4, 10% each in local 2 and 3.
Another spawn rotation please.


I went from North Texas to island hopping the Hawaiian chain. I’ve seen 4 dinosaurs total here, and they’re never changing. I don’t know what the zones are, but it’s crap. My allosaurus and apatosaurus are my two highest ranking dinos. Stegosaurus comes in 3rd. I’d love to see some that I wouldn’t see in Texas!


I heard that this dino only spawns in Hawaii


The problem with what your saying is balance. Let’s say you live in Hawaii instead of Texas and you have access to different dinosaurs and don’t see apatosaurus and stegasaurus. Well now living in Hawaii removes your access to stegodeus and stegoceratops. Arguably the two best tanks in the game and your screwed in the arena. Everywhere has to be the same so that everyone has similiar chances at all Dino’s.