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Disappointed with no Alliance Leader Tools


I’m disappointed we don’t at least have an alliance tool to see dormant accounts where you can at least see the last logged on date of our alliance members. It would make it much easier to see who to boot off to make room for people who are actually playing.

Can't do anything as a leader

I completely agree that we need to be able to see when the player last played. We need to be able to post a pinned message for a message of the day and any rules that the Alliance may have regarding activity or trophies required.


But alliance tools won’t make Ludia money. What if they put in alliance upgrades you can get by spending hard cash?


It’d also help if they had a feature where you could just speak to the other leaders, rather than one big group message.


Agreed, I put in a suggestion for more perks for being a leader other than changing your alliance name and booting people. Be nice to see an activity chart or graph. Something to see who is doing what and who is or isn’t sharing. My thing in my alliance is this: if you are requesting dna, you are also giving dna. Only fair.

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I am a leader for an alliance and I feel that I can’t do anything to make the Alliance better. I can only kick out players and accept new random members. I have no idea who is active and I just have to go with the trophies. If members has 0 trophies I’ll kick them out.

Please make it easier for leaders to check if someone isn’t active at all and there is a lot more to fix for the the leaders.

Sorry for my bad english, hope you will understand what I mean


Seconded, we should be able to to see dna received and given as well, people who only take are no use to anyone.

Also, send direct messages to members, so that we can give them a chance to contribute to the alliance effort before we kick them out.