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To start, I’m glad that the Alliances received a major upgrade (now I need to find an active one) and that we can spin in the entire 150 or 200 area.

But I have to say i’m real disappointed in the fact that there is no migration of either the zones or the dino’s within the zones. My zone (L4) didn’t even get a new dinosaur.

Like a mentioned before I’m living in the L4 zone and I mean smack in the middle. In whatever direction I go, I end up in the same zone. Great that I have over 4k Raja, but I can’t use it, since the counter part is living in a different zone.

Please consider swapping zones or the dinosaurs within.

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They really need to do a migration. We all would enjoy it.

If you’re looking for an active alliance, mine is looking for members. Just message @Tori_baugh, or she’ll message you. :slight_smile: we’d love to have you.


It just got better, now even Anky is moved to the parks. Just the “crapy” epics remain. Even Koola is useless right now, since the new dinosaur is apparently tournament only.

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L4 is total garbage. It has been bad even before but now trashed.

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Technically zone 4 did get a new dino. It got grypo


They also moved dime to g3, tenonto to parks, spino g2 to global and few other changes. So u cant say there was NO Migration. There was. Just minor


We need a proper one where nearly everything shifts.
Honestly, I wouldnt mind seeing Suchomimus in my area.

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Even before it was debatable that L3 or L4 was the worst local.

Not L4 is almost pure garbage.

Gryposuchus is nice and all but instead of Ankylosaurus??? Why not take away either Rajasaurus or better yet, Koolasuchus, since Scolosaurus aren’t even available.

We have Wohooosaurus (Wuerhosaurus) which is currently hybridless, Girraffatitan… Which is nice as a base dino but its hybrid is pure trash made of wet tissue paper. I guess we have Spinosaurus.

Then out of the commons, we have Suchomimus which is nice I guess? And Parasaurolophus… I guess it’s okay as well.

Meanwhile L1 had both Sinoceratops and Kentrosaurus on top of Dilophosaurus and Megalosaurus, not to mention Diloracheirus. The only thing that is pretty much bad in that local is Argentinosaurus.

L2 has Pyrroraptor and Ouranosaurus, on top of Dracorat Gen 2 and other goodies… Though L2 has been on the bad end of the stick as well with removing Tenotosaurus. But I think they got Dimetrodon?

L3 has Monolophosaurus, Erlikosaurus, Toujiangosaurus, Triceratops Gen 2, Allosaurus…

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L3 got dime so its probaly right behind l1… but yeah they turned l4 into straight garbage.

As i posted in another thread… i would have uninstalled the game if i lived in a l4. I cant fathom why ludia insists on making a quarter of there customers so unhappy with local balance.

Did someone at ludia actually think they wont mind us moving anky cause there getting gypro.

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Due to alliance, I now have a level 25 suchotator while the rest of my team averages 18/19. So there’s that. And only that.


I live in l3 or l4 it don’t bother me much. I dart what’s around and use commute to get my Dino’s. Yes I would like to see a migration but I like knowing where to go to get what I need.

My biggest complaint is that I’m working in long island and at the speed of 80 miles and hour or really over 50mph with lag now the game lags enough to not be able to dart anything.


I’d personally like to never see Diplocaulus again. It’s all I ever seem to have in my area. How about every 2 weeks or so have a new migration pattern? That way we can get other dinos in our area to get them built up.

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Hi Kleineman84, Michigan Monsters is an active alliance and we have a few spots open if you are still looking. :wink:


Honestly… all areas share the same problem right now 6 dinos have a significant chance of spawning then anything else.

Its really similar launch era pogo where all you saw was pidgey, rattata, caterpie… except here its diplo, eino, majunga, and sucho with a splash of irritator gen 2 and nundasuchus thrown in.

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