Disappointing New years event

I think the entire player base can agree we like special events and having 2 days of constant Moment of Glories is nice. However since you made ALL OF THEM not be in any instance higher than Hidden Forge you basically offered a large portion of your players base nothing. The rewards for those that can do Lightfinger or Heartcoil are so much higher that we lose gear/gem/coins by doing these events compared to doing higher level things. Do not get me wrong i think these events are needed as newer people that can’t clear out higher level instances need things to do, however you completely alienate a decent portion of your player base by not scaling these to current character or renown level. the player base your alienating also happens to be the most active in game. As a higher end player I can’t tell you how frustrating it is for these Moment of Glories and other events to constantly be placed in low end dungeons where even when you get 2x gear or gold you are still better off farming a normal instance. It is getting insulting, you are basically telling us there’s no special events for us just keep chugging along without anything special for us. Start scaling special events to people character levels, this is getting insulting.


The management at Ludia must really enjoy treating their customers like dirt. There is no other reason the community would be ignored for so long on so many issues