Disappointing. Wasted potential

I really want to like this game and got my characters to the infamous lvl 5. But they sure do suck all the fun out with the way progression is. The fact you can not re do old levels Is mind numbing Is not much of an “exploration” if only have one option. If re doing completed dungeons is not an option. Then at the least should be multiple locations to choose from. The fact I need thousands of points of xp. And dungeons usually give between 0-30. And only one dungeon to choose from where trolls one shot half my crew off the first pull. Where’s the fun in that? It’s redundant. Oh but wait. You can “re do” completed dungeons. It is dressed up like an another mode You know to beat the monotony of dungeon grinding. By doing the same dungeons. And so far they all look basically the same. And all the modes feel the same. Because they are the same. If only this game ripped off Marvel Strike Force except ofc with a slew of Fantasy characters. If they had Dragonlance, and Forgotten Realm characters would be even better. It such a shame Because it seems like it would be a neat little game, but just seems so hollow and I assume only favors to whales.