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We’ve literally been begging for updates on our favorites like Damien/Austin, Jonathan/Albert, Noah/Antoine… and all we’ve gotten is two of the most boring girl counterpart sets and the centaur back over the last couple weeks. Everyone is pretty disappointed right now. I’m begging you all, please, please, please… make this up to us with a huge update including the fan favorites and SOON before people start giving up on this app :heart:


I’m COMPLETELY with @Shauna_Ann! We want our guys back. I want Damien back. This is not fair!!!


I kind of like Angel/Emmalyn despite them not being a top favorite of the girls, so “boring” is pretty subjective. A lot of the characters you may not care for are ones others do, after all. And with how much Lovelink favors the guys (understandably, it’s business after all) it’s nice when the girls come back. Though I’d still love to see Vitoria and Felicia, but someday maybe.

I’m sure they’re working hard on trying to write more content that will hopefully last more than just a couple of conversations before they go offline for a while (hopefully the writers aren’t facing things like crunch time though or anything). We just have to be extra patient with how updates have been so far, and thus what we probably will expect from them because of that.


Literally !! Give us our OGs back

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Agreed. We are having Tiro’s entire story all at once while Jonathan’s, Skylar’s, Jamie’s, Austin’s, Wyatt’s and others’ barely had any development. Will the Ludia team release weekly updates for the girls and the boys, especially the ones who have been gone longer?


Thanks, everyone! We appreciate the feedback. :smiley:


Seriously, if I see one more “we hear you”, “we’ll pass this info on to the developers” or “we appreciate the feedback” with absolutely no care to do what the majority of the users are begging for I’m going to scream!!! It’s been over a month now that most of my characters have greyed and I have zero interest in what’s left. Please just continue the stories already instead of creating new characters that you only have a few days worth of stories for. This is getting absolutely ridiculous! Give us more of our dog sledder, our virus doc, our musicians, our sexy billionaires and princes, our photographers, our single dads, our vampires, our death row babes. Just continue the stories that everyone is invested in!


I am so with you on this!!! I tried emailing the lovelink people directly and just got a lot of the same crap. I want my grayed out guys back. Its been at least a month or longer and I’m tired of being dragged along and not matching with anyone new


Hey there, Melli2077. I totally get that some characters might be more popular/get more attention from the community over another. :sweat_smile:

Sadly, we can’t make any promises on game implementations. However, please rest assured that we do try our best to listen to everyone’s feedback and suggestions, but the best thing that we can do at the moment is to pass along the voices from you back to our team.

It might sound repetitive sometimes, but we really do appreciate the feedback!


I like Emmalyn and Grace.

Damien had an interesting storyline, different to the others, but his character bored me.

Anyway, I agree that it would be nice to see our favourites back. I have to wonder how many writers they employ. Are all the stories written by the same person? That’s a pretty tall order if so.

The thing is the artwork. It looks like the style of one artist and it takes time to create original artwork.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I share everyone’s frustration.

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I get the frustration of waiting, but thats just what it is with games that dont have a full storyline in one go?
Like, in the end some people will always be dissappointed, weither its that their faves dont get updated or there is nobody that matches their type…

I had fun with Angel/Emmerlyns update and the current update for Grace/Clementine kinda redeems the character for me rn (she is finally showing some backbone! Get it, girl!)

I do think some transparency on a possible upload schedule or teasers of who comes next would be nice and take a bit of the pressure off the fandom, when they know whats coming.

But idk, the way some comments are sometimes, it feels like some people forget that there are real people behind the Ludia team and they do a job. They can overthrow progress they have been working on because character XYZ is demanded back right this instance.
But if we as a fandom knew more about whats going on, it would be easier to have more compassion (like, that there are triples now and at least i didnt see an answer if thats a planned thing or they scrapped some storylines due to preassure to upload more characters)

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Lovelink is still fairly new and has been building up some hype prior to its release as a pre-register game. But also before it was its own app it was part of the app What’s Your Story? and when the dev team starting to turn Lovelink into its own app the stories on the sub-category Lovelink (the one originally part of WYS?) were abandoned without a word leaving players to figure out that their favorites weren’t going to come back. Because of this I imagine that the Lovelink team decided to have several unfinished stories released when the app went live from the older characters that had enough content to last for a while for players while they worked on new characters’s stories to keep things fresh and interesting. As as result none of the stories are finished, but that being said I do think a few could’ve had been finished storylines prior to release. I think the point of not finishing the stories is to try and keep the players checking in for more updates and content. But as you said not everyone can be pleased and inevitably there will be those who will always be disappointed.

I agree that a release schedule or at least “upcoming characters” without a set release date for those who will receive updates would be beneficial so the players aren’t totally left in the dark of who will be given new content next.

I’m with you on how some comments sound kind of entitled and forgetful that there are real people behind developing the app and content. As Karina_D mentioned, we also don’t know how large their team of writers is: is it several people writing a few stories each or a small team of people writing many stories each? To also build on that, we also don’t know what the conditions are for those writers. Do they face crunch time or are they given enough time to write the content they need without feeling overworked and overly stressed? Covid is also still a thing and we don’t know what the working conditions are like. That is, do they work entirely from home, entirely in an office, or mix it up some days of the week? There are a lot of factors we don’t know and technical details and schedules we aren’t privy to that could effect when and which characters get more content added to them and when the updates happen and how much is added with each update.

But looping back to transparency, I do think there could be more of it re: update schedule or at least letting us know who will be updated soon, and also maybe offering a little more per update. For instance 1 new character + 1-2 older characters receiving content in an update, or 2-4 older characters receiving content and no new character added, etc.


I’ll echo those last two comments. Whereas the wait is frustrating, it’s the uncertainty that really infuriates us. Not knowing when or if a character is coming back is the worst part.

I’m sure the team are all working very hard behind the scenes, and not just sitting around with their feet up drinking coffee and laughing at our entitled outbursts.

Hmm… it’s 3am here and I’m wide awake. Thinking about coffee isn’t helping my insomnia :tired_face:.


But you have a point. Leaving us to twiddle our thumbs while every single possible match we can have (or for those who don’t want to match with everyone, just the matches they want) is “away for a while” and we have no idea who is coming back or when is indeed frustrating.

While many of us are happy to support the team, a little give from them by letting us know who will be getting updates and who will be added – even if no date is given for when – would be appreciated. I know the writers and the rest of the team are hard at work, but letting us know those things will give us reassurance and confirmation that our money, if we choose to spend any, is indeed helping out and being put to good use. Again, though, not that we doubt it it’s just nice to have that confirmation. Not knowing these things is frustrating, as many and myself have mentioned several times, and causes people to often not want to continue to support the team or to be more hesitant to do so.