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Disarm stops taunt?

I have noticed recently that several times when my fighter is disarmed he has not been able to taunt either. Is this a normal thing I just haven’t noticed? Or possibly a result of the fact I am fighting tougher opponents recently?

Bumping this up because I am curious if anyone else has had it happen. It happened again today when the other teams barbarian disarmed me. I will try to watch and see if it happens with any other characters

Disarm stops my fighters Legendary taunt (I don’t thing it stops the taunt from other gear). Disarm does not stop my Barbarian taunt. Hope this helps.

I’ve used epic and rare taunt a lot with fighter and never seen either effected by disarm

Hmmm, when I have disarm/can’t attack cast on meI am unable to Taunt

Verified this is multiple games…Is this new???

A recent forum exists for this topic:

Disarm stops taunt?

You may find further info there.

Disarm should stop counter attacks, not taunt

I agree with that 100% percent. If you are disarmed so that you can’t attack, how do you suddenly have a weapon to counterattack with? It’s similar to a rouge being immobilized but being able to cross the whole screen to make a special attack