Disconected from GPS - Need Help, Tried Many Solutions



Anyone know how to fix the Disconnected from GPS error? It started happening this morning and has been ongoing. I have attempted to restart the game, force quit the game, restart my GPS, and restart my phone. No success so far.



Hey DarthOnaga, is this only happening in a specific area? Our FAQ here could be helpful to you: https://ludia.helpshift.com/a/jurassic-world-alive/?p=all&s=troubleshooting
If your game is linked to either your Facebook or Google Play store account, try reinstalling the game and see if that fixes the issue. Make sure to have your support key written down as well just in case.
Feel free to contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key if you’re still disconnecting from your GPS so our staff can take a look at your account.


I assume you tried going into your dino line up and clicked on one before going back to your map? Other than that I am not sure…I obviously play on my WiFi at home then it switches to my mobile data when I move away from my home…sometimes it takes a while for the game to switch over so that’s when I go into my Dino line up and click one, once I go back to my map it reconnects straight away…I am sure some more knowledgeable player will have other suggestions soon…sorry I can’t be more helpful.


Disregard. I believe this is a problem with my device. None of my GPS based games or Map are working.


I typed a reply but for reasons unknown it has been flagged and waiting for it to be moderated :joy: go figure…sorry.


I found the answer. My phone overheated and literally broke my hardware. Lovely. So now I am waiting on a warranty replacement for my device.

I am pretty sure JW:A is the one that overheated it. It always gets blazing hot with it. No other app has that issue. UGHHGHGHG


I’m in SW Missouri and it’s been doing the same thing here for about 2 days. All settings are on but game seems to think they aren’t. I just keep turning my game off/on until it kicks back on. :confused:


You’re right in the over heating…I had to take my phone out of its metal protective case in the Summer here in the UK! My phone shut down once! Not to bad now its cooler…also JWA eats my battery and when out and about it uses a lot of data! Never known a game like it! Glad you sussed it out, just be aware when you get your new phone!