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Disconnect After Collecting Trades

Please tell me it’s not just me, for which once I enter the Game and take a Trade it shows “Processing Request…” for a few annoyingly long seconds after which it shows the “Connection to Game Server Lost”.

Of course, I am able to log back in after this disconnect without any issues and then take the Trade but this has happened almost every time I login and take a Trade since the past few days.

Is it just me or are you guys experiencing something like this too?


Happened to me a few times before. Here are some tips

  1. Check your WiFi on your phone
  2. Restart phone if WiFi is good
  3. Turn phone WiFi off then back on again or re put in your password to WiFi
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I’m connected to a stable WiFi itself. However even for the strongest connection I have, it still responds the same way everytime I collect the first Trade on logging in.

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How close are you to your router when this happens? Happens to me usually when I am at the other end of my house

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Pretty close…


Why are you sooo little Fury?


I have had this happened to me as well but only a few weeks ago, I always thought that the game took the resources and didn’t give me the trade so I would always be paranoid. Now, my game crashes immediately every time I open the app. Better I guess?

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Hey there everyone! If you’re still encountering issues, please consider contacting our team at with as much info as possible so they can look into it. Thanks!


I used to experience this quite alot, prior to this update, think it was before omega actually, now it takes a while sometimes but doesnt crash, hopefully it sorts itself out for you fury

The only time my game crashes now is when picking up apatosaur fossils and it sure makes up for the other crashes I used to get haha


Different strokes for different folks I guess. Mine doesn’t crash while picking up the AFs. :woozy_face:

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