Disconnected from gps error

For about a week now, whenever I open the game, doesnt matter where I am, it always gives me an error saying “disconnected from gps”. I’m not completely ignorant when it comes to phones, so yes I’ve made triple sure that location is enabled and turned on and all that stuff, even going as far as to redownload. In my location tab in my phone it even says that jurrasic world alive has requested location recently. This is becoming very annoying and im considering quitting the game in all. If anyone could help that would be amazing

Restarting my phone fixed the error. Whew

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Man I have that problem and I have done the privacy toggle thing and check to see if I allow location to the app about 30 times and restarted my phone about 3 times and I still have this problem and when it isn’t doing that I’m lagged out on the side of the road when my vehicle hasn’t been in that spot for miles!!!:sob::rage: it’s very irritating and I have looked online and this is the only thing I have found I’m on iOS btw

I’m sorry to hear that you are having this issue with your GPS, @Lone_star_state_outd. Depending on your GPS signal, it could take some time for it to refresh in the game if you’re in a fast moving vehicle and changing locations quickly. Sometimes, rebooting your device could help with this. However, if you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com, they might be able to provide some further troubleshooting to help you as well.

I have the same problem