Disconnected from GPS S7


I never had this problem before. Now it is occurring. I restart my phone and still doesn’t work. Is there any troubleshooting for this? It seems to be around public wifi but I am not even sure of that. If I switch to data through my network it still occurs.

Thank you

Hey ILoveDinos, our team is currently doing some maintenance on the game right now, but could you let me know if you’re still having this issue after the maintenance is over? There’s also some troubleshooting on our FAQ here that could help you as well: https://ludia.helpshift.com/a/jurassic-world-alive/?p=all&s=troubleshooting

Hi Ned,

It seems to still be occuring. It is strange it happens only at certain locations. I have never had any issues with my GPS prior and I manipulated no settings. The fact that it works sometimes like it used to has me puzzled.


I’m sorry to hear that the issue is still occurring, and I’m not really sure why that would be the case as well. It’s possible that there might be something in the surrounding area that could be disrupting the signal of your device or that you were in areas where the GPS signal is not as stable. If you would like our team to take a closer look, feel free to reach out to them here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key.

^More than 15 times today… Mostly during the train travels. The 4G service is allways good.

For me it happens when I am stationary. Unpredictable.