Disconnected w/o wifi

Hello. I can play JWA at home just fine while connected to my wifi. But if i choose to go for a walk or while in a car as passenger, when i get out of my wifi range the game disconnects and wont load. My phone has active service but the mobile data wont let the game load. I have location on. Idk whats wrong…i have a samsung j7 refine

While connected to wifi the game works. If i turn off wifi or go out of wifi range, the game disconnects.
My phone has service. Why dont the game work off moble data?

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Hey Travis_S, when you’re outside of your WiFi range, could you try turning off the WiFi setting on your device, reboot your device, and then relaunch the game? If that doesn’t work, there are also some troubleshooting steps here that might help: Stuck on loaded screen of game?
Our team would be happy to try and help you as well if you emailed them here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key.

Unlike other mobile games JWA doesn’t like going from wi-fi to regular signel or vice versa.

Are you trolling or are you serious? I can’t tell. Anything no matter what it is will disconnect when you go outside of WiFi. You probably just haven’t noticed it. You don’t use signals of the same thing at once. When you are at home on WiFi does your cellular data bill run up? No. Why you ask? Because the WiFi overrides it provided you have it turned on and set up to the WiFi. Same with going outside except that cellular data won’t override. So it’s going to continuous search for a WiFi connection because you just had it and in the mean time you have no internet (because it’s not connected.) However, if you turn the WiFi off before you leave the house and close out and open up or even refresh your game by bringing your notification bar down and back up or home button and click back to the app it will fix.

No I’m not trolling. Other games and apps can quite happily shift from wi-fi to normal and back again when going in and out of range.

You can shift from cellular data to WiFi easily because WiFi overrides it. However it will disconnect for a certain amount of time usually split seconds. This game is an immediate error message once your data is lost for a split second. And usually it messes up the game when it’s lost. This is why people in arena get disconnected all the time and then can’t come back before the match is over. However cellular data will not override WiFi and sometimes you will even disconnect because your phone is searching for WiFi and finding it but unable to connect to it which doesn’t give you internet because it can’t use both at the same time.