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Disconnection issue

Everytime enter the arena i do not see my opponent dino, when reopen the apps I already lose 1 or 2 dinos.

I keep losing to this. Are Support able to help me on my issue?

The Connection that I used is Wifi 30mbps, I can load 1080p youtube easily but not this pathetic game.
Have report from 2 months back, I dont see any effort from the support at all. Been so patient all this time…

I drop my arena so badly and I need to waste alot of effort to bring it up again.

I’m sorry that you’re getting disconnection issues @Badgame, I know it really sucks to have the happen especially during the Arena matchmaking process. However, it’s possible that your device might be switching between different connection networks automatically if you have more than one WiFi frequencies set up on your router or a Mobile network on your device, which would cause disruptions for the loading of the game. Try making sure that your device is on one stable connection while playing the game and see if that helps with the issue.

This does theory does not seem remotely likely (especially not at the frequency that arena freezes occur).

For the sake of argument:
Let’s assume this is the reason. All other web enabled apps/streams would be disconnected as well because if connection networks are being “switched” between frequencies, a disconnection from the original network must occur. This would be evidenced by video freezes and the requirement to refresh other apps/videos/etc.


ALready update to 1.4.23, still same issue.

I do believe that switching wifi is not part of the issue. cause only your game does this.

while i agree that ned’s theory is at best curious, online video, which the op uses as an example, will buffer, will utilize a cache, to better allow for any connection issues, as the stream is inherently one way. this game however, any multi-player game really, requires a persistent connection, as it needs input from each contestant to determine action - i think their explanation of this behavior is grasping at straws…