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Disconnection issues

it seems that both JWA and Jurassic world the game are both suffering problems despite working perfectly fine barely 20 to 30 minutes ago.

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I noticed as well. Tried checking on my Jurassic World game a minute ago and it’s getting a timeout error.

Welcome @StacyM.
It’s the same for me.

It seems as though Ludia in general is not working… I clicked a few other discussions labeled disconnect and they were different games

the JWA forums are getting lit with pissed off players since there is an epic event going on, to be honest, im one of those people.

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since there really isnt anything going on here, its not that big of a deal, but its still pathetically unprofessional for this stuff to be happening. once in awhile i can understand of course

It’s early in the morning where I live, this is my main moment to work on the game.
What a setback for me.:tired_face:


Servers seem to be down as can’t contact them. They need rebooting maybe or some money put in the meter.

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lol throw money into the machine and pull the lever

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All I have been having are issues with this game…and all I get from support is be patient we know of these issues and are working on it…this has been since the beginning of December of last year.

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It’s all ludia games even dragons

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Ludia can u do something or explain

It is 3am in Canada so it may be a few hours.

I assume they are all asleep in Canada.

The same thing happens to me too, it doesn’t let in, what’s more, it doesn’t happen from the first screen of the game

game is up again for me

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Yes, I also just entered

Done I cam get in

There seems to be no connection to the game at the moment.
Is there a problem again with the hot plate? @Ned, you did it again?:wink:


Game seems under maintenance. I think Indominus broke out again