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Discontinued Abilities

These abilities were part of the game in the past, but for whatever reason they decided to replace them with other/newer abilities

  • Adrenaline Surge
    Act First, Cleanse, Increase damage to 1.25x for 4 turns and Regenerate 25% HP

  • (Normal)Counter-Attack
    Deal damage after receiving and surviving a physical attack

  • Decelerating Strike
    Reduce target’s speed by 50% for 1 turn

  • Exploit Wound
    Target Vulnerable this turn and next turn and DoT 0.2x of target’s max HP for 3 turns

  • Greater Stunning Rampage
    75% chance to stun for 1 turn

  • Immunity
    All negative effects are deflected

  • Impairing strike
    No Critical Chance for 3 turns

  • Instant Pinning Strike
    Act First and Target cannot Swap for next 2 turns

  • Lockdown impact
    Target cannot swap for next 2 turns

  • Lockdown strike
    Target cannot swap for next 2 turns

  • Low stunning strike
    20% Chance to stun for 1 turn

  • Minimal Rending Counter Attack
    Deal 15% of target’s max HP as Armor piercing damage

  • Minimal Stunning Strike
    10% Chance to stun for 1 turn

  • Minimal Wounding Strike
    DoT 0.1x of target’s max HP for 2 turns

  • Minor Rending Counter Attack
    Deal 20% of target’s max HP as Armor piercing damage

  • Minor Stunning Strike
    15% Chance to stun for 1 turn

  • Pounce (Was renamed to High Pounce since version 2.0)
    Reduce Target’s damage 50% for 1 turn, 2 attacks

  • Regenerate and Run
    Act first, Cleanse Self, Heal 50% HP and Automatic Swap

  • Regeneration
    Regenerate 50%

  • Resilient Counter Attack
    Remove speed decrease, cloak, dodge and slow 50% for 1 turn.

  • Scratching Wound
    DoT 0.2x of target’s max HP per turn for 2 turns

  • Strengthening Strike
    Increase damage 50% for 2 turns

  • Stunning Impact
    33% Chance to stun opponent for 1 turn

  • Swap In Shattering Rampage
    Destroy shields, bypass Armor, and deal 2x damage after swapping in cannot swap 2 turns

  • Swap In Shattering Strike
    Destroy shields, bypass Armor, and deal 1x damage after swapping in.Cannot Swap for next 2 turns.

  • Swap In Strike
    Deal 1x damage after swapping in.Unable to swap for 2 turns

  • Thagomizer
    Target’s speed -50% for 2 turns

  • Wounding impact
    DoT 0.15x of target’s max HP for 2 turns

  • Wounding rampage
    DoT 0.15x of target’s max HP for 2 turns

  • Wounding strike
    DoT 0.15x of target’s max HP for 2 turns

Wich one deserves a second chance? Let me know


Which one? There’s Minor, Medium and Maximal Counter-attack, all dealing a different amount of damage, and they’re all still in the game.

I’m pretty sure it’s still there, just renamed to Binding Impact.

This is actually still in the game, it’s on the Pyrritator boss. The only difference is the targeting.

I think it would be nice to get some of these back.


Yeah your right the Counter-Attack is still in the game but before it was split in Minor, Medium and Maximal (Update 1.7). It would deal the same damage as Quick-Use Abilities

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I’ve always wanted Thagomizer to be redone to inflict bleed. This would, of course, caused a whole shift within the class system, since the only ones who had that move were Stegoaurids, which, in this day and age, would make them Resilient-Fierce.

But yeah, I wish there were also the other bleeding moves.


There’s a lot they can do with Thagomizer. My idea is to have resilient attacks only bypass dodge, and to give thagomizers the ability of full dodge removal instead.


Im not gonna lie but thats a great idea

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it was split in 1.3

If you’re interested I made a whole thread about it a while back. I also proposed giving those moves to the rhinos and Trykosaurus instead of their resilient attacks, since the new moves wouldn’t cleanse distraction.

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This is still in the game. Hadros, the kentro hybrid and sonnarsurus have them (sry can’t spell)

This I believe was removed because it was the meta at the time and some found it annoying or didn’t like it.


This is still also in the game. Although many creatures don’t have it anymore. Monostegotops has it.

Technically they have MEDIUM Resilient counter attack (0.5x damage). Resilient Counter-Attack did 1x damage.

Monostegotops has GREATER stunning impact, which has a 75% chance to stun, not 33%.

Lol that’s one way to put it :joy:

You know how Monolometerodon can be really frustrating to fight against, especially when boosted? Debuffs don’t really work on that, so when a hyper-boosted one comes out, there isn’t really anything you can do about it. Immunity basically created a whole meta of dinos like that.

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The Immunity is the Same with the Stunning strikes. Ludia agreed with players how frustrating this ability was. Its was removed in 1.5 I think

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You can see where I was coming from though.


It wasn’t ever in the game though, just in the release notes (typo probably since there was no description) and the raid datamine (another possible typo since there was no description)

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Yeah, I was going to say I couldn’t remember anything that actually used it. This list seems to come from the Wiki, so it isn’t really “official”.

I really like Exploit Wound. I honestly wouldn’t mind trading Revenge Distracting Impact for Exploit Wound on Erlikospyx

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Yo, Adrenaline Surge would be OP if used in the Raid sense. Imagine healing your team, while giving them a small damage boost.

Also, what was the big deal with Instant Pinning Strike? That would actually be a good move, despite No Escape being the better alternative since Precise Pounce.