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Discord and Reddit Guild groups

Hey folks!! Since we asked for it, and we got it, GUILDS are HERE!!!

As such, besides a couple of pro guilds floating around, the discord guild(s) and reddit are available (for a limited time as we are filling up.

The primary Discord Guild is full, but accepting applicants inside discord with rankings that are well over 1500. The guild name is “Infinity and beyond”. As we are full, with over 40 pending invites, you need to get with me on discord to get in.

We also have a second Discord Guild, thats open to all as well, and helps take overflow with lower rankings from the main guild. Its name is “Infinitely more Beyond”.
This one shall be full soon as well, so a third guild will then pop up.

Additionally, Redditors are on their second guild, “Reddit 2”. Theyre also in discord and can be reached in our guild chat channels.

here is the invite link:

Game on!