Discord Doodles about JWA

Just some discord doodles, one of em praising @Dimodactylus beating his mortal enemy


Mmmmmm perfect

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This is rather nice.

:confounded: Not my poor stygidaryx

Sorry, your level 25 Stygidaryx couldn’t contain Dimodactylus.

Technically though stygidaryx always wins against dimo. (Stygi has DoT resistance)

Yes, but this is a brawl, not a friendly battle in game.

multiple universe theory

What’s that on the bottom of the page?

We both have lockdown resistance, so this fight might not even have a victory. It’ll just be us swapping in and out for eternity.


the second pic where @MINMI 's stygidaryx is being hit in the face by @Dimodactylus

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I know but that means that the future scene of the battle is actually taking place at the same time as the first part of the battle.

It’s the scene where Dimo is building his punch. The second picture then shows him hitting Stygi

I know but that means there are two universes because two images are happening at the same time.

I think I am looking too deep into this.

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who knows

10 character requirement, bleh

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probably :joy:

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you get a cookie for this discovery!

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