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Discord for Titan’s Uprising

Good afternoon fellow dragon tamers,
I recently created a discord for the game. It’s still fairly new so not many players have joined yet, however it’s my goal to get a fairly good community going on it. Members of all clans are welcome. Perhaps it will give some more active players the chance to form a more interactive clan. Please use the link below to access it.


There has been another one for months


what is it?

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Hi, I hate to bring up an old thread but the invite expired and I was wondering if i could get a new one?

This is the new discord link.

FYI: When you click on it and join th discord you’ll notice you won’t be able to talk in any of the channels (and you’ll also won’t be abl to see most channels yet). You’ll then need to go to the channel “Role select” and read the instruction there carefully (you’ll be asked to choose your prefered pronoun and after you do that you’ll be given a role which allow you to see and talk in the other channels)