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Discord Server for JW:Alive?

I am not sure if this game has one, but would anyone be interested in joining a Discord server group for Jurassic World Alive? Discord is a free service app that can be downloaded on your PC, Phone, Tablet, and Desktop! I have one set up that is, if anyone wants to join it and its age-user friendly.

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If you use the Jurassic World Alive guides and resources put together by JWA Gamepress they have a great discord server.


I haven’t added the guides yet as it’s set up of more of I “Hey I did this / got this” but I will certainly see about the addition of adding other information to the server.

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I think you misunderstood, Gamepress already has a JWA server that’s got ~8k members iirc. I’m not sure how to link things on the forums but it should be at the bottom of every GP page.


I joined it though. It’s okay to have more places. There is also the killer raptors discord server that has a lot of members. And an Ark server that focuses on sanctuary and mission stuff. Let’s not forget @Stiffeno jwa puppet and general discord xD

There is communities and alliances that have there own etc…


Ooops I didn’t see that at the bottom. I saw the link at the top for the GAMEPRESS Discord but I was looking for more JP:Alive based discords. I’ll take another look at the GP website and snoop around more. And Yee, The one I made was more for pleasure in enjoying the game - members who join my server can share screengrabs of their DNA throws, Dinosaur Spawns/Catches and tier levels etc.

They can even look for Alliances that are open and share other information that is related to the game. :slight_smile:


Wait! What?! What have I been missing!!! What is this Discord is this you mention?

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What is your Discord about? Discussing the game or is it Alliance specific?

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It’s about various aspects of the game. Sharing the dinosaurs/hybrids you get and if you are looking for alliances we can help it out.
Add me on Discord SystemWindows#3434

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It’s a group for JW:Alive to share things with other gamers :slight_smile:
Add me on Discord SystemWindows#3434 and I can invite you to the server.

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Ahh, no thanks. I was talking about a different server. Thanks though :grin:

The Gamepress JWA Discord is entirely JWA-related. We have more than 7000 members, and we have channels for pretty much every aspect of JWA that you can imagine.


I Dont Know but I can’t find any discord of JW alive :frowning: can someone add me? iSa#8588

@Piere87 you’re being beckoned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sure! I’ll invite you to the Gamepress JWA server. The link is in the bottom of all of their JWA articles, so the link is easy to find

What’s the kr discord server can I join

je suis francophone je suis dans un groupe fr je suis sur discord mon ID est steelscorshed#3656

Translated from French

I am French speaking I am in a group fr I am on discord my ID is steelscorshed#3656

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Alguien puede indicarme un enlace a un discord vivo?

can someone invite me to a discord channel that is currently active?