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Discord server invite

Hi all,

many players says they wanted a Discord server for Jurassic World the game, but nobody still made it, so I made one simple jwtg server - my first discord server ever you can join:

Maybe I’m old or dense, but what will a discord chat get us that the forums doesn’t?


Chat + calls many players wanted it - discord is official communication platform windows/android


I’d prefer the Forums too, going by what @Timmah said there really isn’t much that a server on Discord would offer than the Forums do. For JWA it is understandable since it’s multiplayer and raid communication is horrible in-game, but for JWtG it isn’t the same case…


i guess we can

It’s more of of a way to feel like a community than necessity.
Discord won’t offer anything more for improving our gameplay experience.
It’d help us communicate better without the moderation. Again not really necessary but many people might like that.

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I understand and agreed with that, I use Discord myself as well. A lot. I didn’t say it is a bad idea or that it should not exist, just expressed my opinion.

And i respect that , i was just expressing my thoughts , I’m more of a lurker in discord . I do prefer forums .

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are you sure thats the link ?

yep i have joined the server and its true

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