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Discount diamond popup offer disappeared

Hi! I’m wondering if someone can help me? I got the popup for the discount diamonds offer the other day (the first day it was offered; I check the app several times a day and it wasn’t there the night before) when I was just about to close the app. The app closed, but I immediately reopened it. Unfortunately, the popup was gone. It’s not under the diamond store, which is where I was able to buy diamonds from the last discount after accidentally closing that window.

I figured this one would show up again, but it’s been a few days now…I can’t remember how long the popup said the offer lasted, but I know the last one was only for 24hrs :frowning: Is this new one over? If not, is there some way I can get the popup back?

I haven’t even seen a second discount offer yet. Maybe it was released too early by accident t and they removed it? Who knows. Hopefully it comes back.

Maybe! I saw on the subreddit that quite a few people bought it, though, so even if it was released too early, LoveLink still got some cash lol there’s some people who also closed it and regretted it, because they changed their mind about buying it, but they didn’t get the offer again, either.

I’m pretty disappointed, since it was only $9.99 for 3600 diamonds rather than the usual 1150 for $9.99. I would’ve snatched that up in a heartbeat if the popup had come back…

Last deal I saw that was $9.99 was for something around 2400 gems, I think. Maybe they didn’t mean to make the gem amount so high? Huh.

Good news! I’ve been opening the app throughout the day as usual, and when I opened it just now, the discount came up. I bought it asap :blush: I would’ve bought it again (I like to stock up on diamonds lol!), but I reckon there’s a limit so players don’t splurge, since the popup closed after I got the confirmation and diamonds added to my total. I’m just glad it came back!!

Yeah seems to be a one per person thing, which is fine with me. Hope I’ll see the discount popup as well!

Yes it said one time special :joy::joy: I got it when it popped up for me too

It hasn’t shown up for me, but I’d love to grab 3000+ for $10. Better than the last deal.