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Discount typo?

50% off on the biggest Gem Bundle typo?
(Keep in mind, prices are in Canadian funds)

50% of $139.99 should be $69.99

Offer showing is closer to 64.25% off.
Not a big difference, but saved me $20

This is another complete [expletive] buy the ludiaites. The discount offered is different for different players. Some are getting 60% off, some 50% off and some only 30%. This is extremely disturbing, especially when a VIP players is being offered only a 30% discount.

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I mean, I’m not a F2P player. I have recently put money into gems and I’m a VIP player, so maybe that is taken into account?

I am VIP also, and my offer is listed as 50%, but the price offered includes only a 30% discount.

@Ned @John
Even I am a little disappointed that whoever is in charge of this can’t do simple math. The errors are in my favor if I were to buy them but that still isn’t the point. If we can’t trust them to work simple math when it comes to the discounts, how can we expect them to do the math that goes into dice rolls and matchmaking?

The second one should be $0.50 higher and the third one should be $14 higher

Wow, that deal is almost half off what I am being offered. The savings seem to be all over the place.

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If I had that offer I would have taken it