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So I have been gathering data, as I tend to do, and I believe I have captured all of the discounts and times that they are offered in the game. All times are in Pacific Standard Time and I have adjusted them based on the fact that Daylight Saving Time just happened this last Sunday. FYI PST is 8 hours behind UTC if you need to make a conversion for your local time zone.

No discounts offered.


  • 4am - 6am: Land Dinosaurs are on sale for a 10% discount.
  • 8am - 10am: Battle Team cool down discount of 10%. VIP members get 20% discount.
  • 3pm - 5pm: VIP only: Creation Lab speed up discount 15%.


  • 4am - 6am: Hatchery discount of 10%. VIP members get a 20% discount. (If you have some hatching to do and you want to speed it up this is the time)
  • 8am - 10am: Aquatic creature discount of 10%.
  • 3pm - 5pm: VIP only: Battle Team cool down discount of 15%.


  • 4am - 6am: Battle Team cool down discount of 10%.
  • 8am - 10am: Hybrid creature discount of 15%.
  • 3pm - 5pm: Creation Lab speed up discount 15%.


  • 4am - 6am: Battle Team cool down discount of 10%.
  • 8am - 10am: Land, Aquatic, Cenozoic creature discount of 10%. VIP members get a 20% discount. (If you are a VIP member this is the time to stock up on creatures if you are looking to save on DNA costs, this also applies to all hybrids except the Super Hybrids)
  • 3pm - 5pm: VIP only: Creation Lab speed up discount 15%.


  • 4am - 6am: Battle Team cool down discount of 10%. VIP members get a 20% discount.
  • 8am - 10am: Cenozoic creature discount of 10%.
  • 3pm - 5pm: Creation Lab speed up discount 15%.

No discounts offered.

If I see this change over time I will try to remember to come back and update this. If you found this helpful please leave a like. If you see a discount outside of these on a regular basis please let me know so I can update this post.

Schedule for the week starting 3/18/2019 up on FB

Awesome work

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Fantastic, now I only have to translate it into central European time.

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Time converter

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Thanks for that @Sionsith, but seriously it was only a bad joke from my side. It it really great what you did. I was not aware that the discounts are so predictable.

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No worries @Tommi, figured it would also help others, I thought about laying out all of the time zones until I realized how many different time zones there were. I also didn’t realize they were locked in to a pattern until I started tracking it and after about three weeks I am confident in the times and offers listed above. I am not sure if they change them up at any point but if I notice something change I will update.


Thanks @Sionsith for the info. I burned through about 7,000 dino bucks hatching tournament creatures this morning. This month I’ve been focusing on building my aquatic army, and I managed to clear most of my legendary hatching list down as well.

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Yup I burned off ~6,000 DB this morning and cleared all commons, rares, most of my super rares, a couple of legendaries, and two super hybrids.

Got my level 20 diplosuchous coming.

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And I spent 11k bucks to buy a Proceratosaurus at the trade harbour. At the moment I’m collecting VIP point to buy a Plotosaurus for 50k. I know it is very expensive but I haven’t seen this one for over a year in any card pack. I already have one and will be able to evolve a level 20. I think this will not contribute too much to my aquatic team, but…I don’t know, I want it.


I know it’s only offered in the prize drop on the diamond prize, I am giving myself 2-3 more weeks so 2-3 more attempts on the prize drop and if I do not get one there I will buy it for the 50k price, I just wish it was in the 20k pack, the 50k is just so much. It is the last VIP creature that I don’t have.

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I never go for the diamond prize in the prize drop, maybe this week because I spent dinobucks for SDNA yesterday which brought a significant progress for the gold prize which I usually never get on Tuesdays. Do you ever spent real money in the prize drop? I don’t know the price in dollar but here it is sometimes more than 5 € for one card with a 1% chance to win the top prize.
I hope you get your VIP without too much investment.


I never spend real money on the game other than my VIP membership. I reach diamond every week with doing slot 1 and 4 every day to the max, and slot 2 when it is DNA to purchase. Except for this week and last week with the SDNA, I reached it much sooner since their was DB progress from those tickets.

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Again, agreed with @Sionsith.
As a VIP member using the 4th prize drop slot, the first slot, and a couple of the mid-week DNA tickets you usually come out ahead. Sionsith did a breakdown of his winnings for a week a while ago.

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Assuming the prize drop doesn’t glitch out and reset

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@Tommi, I have spent real money on the prize drop. Never very much but if a creature I did not a have single one of was offered, I might buy a card or two. Maybe it was because I just bought a couple of cards, but I never had good results from this. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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Today’s prize drop was kind to me.
Over a million food and this…

So that gave me another 500 or so cash, about 2,500 dna, some coins, another tournament creature and 1300 loyalty points times two for being VIP.


I’ve got two (!) of them and a Mosasaurus, felt like Christmas.


As did I, is it really as rare as it says are did we both just get lucky?


I’ve got the diamond prize this time but it was no Plotosaurus, of course. Concavenator is not bad, but it is not what I was hoping for. I’m afraid it will be the 50k VIP deal to get the guy…that will hurt. Any luck on your side?


I won’t hit Diamond until tomorrow so my fingers are still crossed. On a bright side I am almost up to 150k VIP points so I have almost saved up 50k over my 100k base I like to keep. If I don’t get it this time, we still have at least one maybe two more attempts to get it through the diamond drop before having to shell out the 50k VIP points.

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