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Mine looks similar, only with Segnos! The two level 20’s I’ve already completed have been kicking some real dino butt for me.


Why a gaggle of Gorgosuchuses of course

Or something like that.


Was the 31 a mistake?

No. Watch some of his videos.

That was less than helpful. :frowning:



For those who don’t want to find the few minutes… he’s planning a bunch of L40s of them down the road and spending some 3million DNA.

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Been saving my dna to buy Zalmonodon when its 15% off. Been able to add 2 a week, but this week I was able to add 3. Cool down for level 30 is 1 day 14 hours, but its nice to have a 6000hp pet to draw on.


As @Predator_X said it is part of a long term goal of where I am taking my team over the next 6-9 months. The level 31 is the first of 9 planed, it was a slightly higher ferocity jump than I was anticipating from level 30 to 31 so I might make sure I have enough level 30s as back up before I fuse another level 31.



Gaggle of Gorgos!!! I like it!

I need a pile to catch up, been working on my Cenozoic collection recently.


Is this up to date?

I had the hot time discounts in my Google Calendar but recently I’ve noticed ones that were not on my calendar.

There is link to an additional list for VIP’s a couple of response above here. @BruceRex was kind enough to combine the two lists and place it as a stand-alone tab on the comprehensive JWTG data file that @Mary_Jo started.

Thanks @Sionsith!

Also, thanks to @BruceRex.

Much appreciated. Time to update my Google Calendar.

Not everybody has enough time to watch his videos all the time. They usually last about 50 to 60 minutes, which is a long time. I like to watch them, but I am quite busy these days…

Yeah they are on the long side, I might start adding chapters to them so that folks can find certain information faster, it just adds an additional item to the list of prepping videos. I might do that after the fact if there isn’t time to do it on initial video release.


@Sionsith I would really appreciate this.

Level 31 is not a mistake, stated in video.

I have a level 40 gorgo along with a 40 pachygalosaurus too… not a big deal.

maybe because i have indoraptor’s army :joy:

If you have a maxed Pachygalo then your lineup probably isn’t very deep.