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And I used to have DNA. Now, I have hybrids to hatch. Thanks again for doing the heavy lifting on tracking these discounts


Glad it has been useful.

I picked up two more this morning as well:


I got 2 x gorgosuchus today in the discount. Ive been waiting for this moment, once hatched I can get gorgy up to 30. Yay.

seconds on the thanks

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I just hatched my level 30 Gorgosuchus today:

This is what the cool down looks like and confirmation that it does not exceed the level 10 Indoraptor ferocity.


Congratulations @Sionsith. At level 40 it needs more than 3 days to cool down what makes him for me one of the lesser worth hybrids in my collection.


I believed you but it’s good to have confirmation it doesn’t exceed the lv 10 Indo

Ouch at 1d17h cool down! About the same as my level 40 Ostaposaurus. I’ll need 3 or 4 to make my line up worthy of multiple events at the same time. Stockpiling DNA for Thursdays now!!

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Oh dang it, should have checked this post before spending a good chunk of my DNA on a couple of hybrids this morning. Should have realized the 20% that comes up tomorrow would work for them too. Oh well, still got 15% off at least and a lot of times I’m still asleep when these come up unless I think to set an alarm for it (something I might just start doing every week to make sure I can use it!)


For once I have an advantage here in Germany. For me the 20% offer happens Thursday’s between 5pm and 7pm. Very suitable timeframe for me.


I’m jealous, that would be a great time for me! Well, maybe it will get me motivated to fix my sleep schedule to something more normal for the time zone I live in.

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I’m just really excited that the Clash of Titans unlocked for me today… have just two more rounds to finish it up, so hopefully will score some nice DNA rewards in that pack to use for tomorrow’s discount! Both of the hybrids I bought I need to get 1 more of to reach level 30, would be nice to earn enough to get at least one of them.


Im still 3 off unlocking Titans, I need to get going on that!

I get 4-6pm on the 20% discount. I save all my DNA till then. Then go on a big shopping spree. Its like going to dinosaur TopShop

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That was my plan, but when the 15% for hybrids popped up I just thought, oh I guess I have to buy those now then. I just should have taken the time to check first! Oh well, at least I’m still early enough in the game that the amount I wasted was not that much, relatively speaking. Most of my DNA goes to the costs of the incubation lab anyway, especially since I’m getting into these legendary ones that seems to need to be re-started 5, 6, 7 or MORE times in order to get them completed (most obvious Ludia money-grab in the game IMO).

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My 4-6am means I have to set an alarm to be up in time for the discount that happens in that time frame which only the Hatchery discount falls into this for me on Tuesday. I have missed it the last two weeks because of the dreaded snooze button. Luckily the DNA discount falls in the 8-10am window for me which is easily doable but now I have a backlog starting from being able to do the purchase but missing the discount for the hatchery speed up.


I would love to be bringing in enough DBs to use hatchery speedups regularly, but just not at that point yet, so I can only buy one of each type of dino I want on the discount each week. So in that respect, buying my hybrids on the 15% may actually work out, as I should have time before tomorrow to at least hatch out one or both of them to be able to purchase another. Will have to see how much DNA I get when I finish the Clash later today. Would love to get my pachy up to level 30 since I have fewer herbivores than anything else in my top tiers but that’s my most expensive one currently.

I did figure out as well that the prize wheel in PvP seems to be determined by the single highest animal you use, so if I use that one legendary 40 that I have now, I get the Elite wheel for the first time. Same in my aquatics, using either of my pair of Tylos is the key to getting the advanced, vs. the intermediate wheel. So am working on getting a few more hatched and leveled up to be able to do more runs every day for the better prizes.

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