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Some holiday cheer shared here.


Well that Hatchery discount sure came at the perfect time for me (given my mistake earlier in the day, that’s what happens when I play the game when only half awake!) Only 10% but still better than full price!


I can see a new deal today 15% off on carnivores :slight_smile:

I took advantage of this with quite a few needed hybrids.

Above is the list posted for the celebratory discounts. :smiley:

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It appears the discount has shifted to an hour later, not sure if all of them have but the hatchery discount has for today anyways.


I wondered about that! I had set an alarm and then it wasn’t active so wasn’t sure if I just got the time wrong or not. Thankfully I set it close to the top of the hour so just waited awhile and then it showed up. Would have been nice if they’d given a heads-up on that.


Took advantage of the hatchery discount to finally make my demon chicken. Lining everything up for a Thursday DNA depletion day buying more.


The demon chicken is a staple in my lineup, but they are DNA hogs.


That they are, however not as bad as metriaphodon, which is a staple of my current line up.

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Still need a Segnosaurus unlock myself to get mine! Just missed out on the unlock the last time it came around as I wasn’t strong enough for a Dominator finish and now it’s the only thing I need to finish up my Jurassic hybrids (not counting the newest one, which I’m in no rush to get made until they fix the stats).

Hi Sionsith,

It is currently Tuesday between 4am-6am PST, but there is no hatchery discount. Do you know if this has been shifted?

I see the post above it has shifted an hour, I will look then!

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@Sionsith I know the last post on this thread is over a month ago, but any chance you might be able to update the times and days for the discounts? Or point me in the direction I can get it from. For instance, Wednesday had a 15% hatchery and creation lab discount. I got lucky and DiniRex mentioned it, but I didn’t see it on this post. I appreciate all you do for us, I was just hoping to get an updated list of the discount schedule or know where to find it, thanks.

I do not know if this is still up to date.


I added a sheet on to @Mary_Jo’s sheet that lists all of the hot times - including the new ones


@Tommi and @BruceRex, thank you both, I will check those out.


Speaking of discounts, taking advantage of the 20% off for VIPs right now:


Wow, I’m only doing one or two of them per week.


What’s a herd of gorgo’s called?

I’ve been working on I-Rex G2’s… not really in a hurry for Indoraptor G2, but I’ll have a paddock full of them soon too.


Curses. I wasn’t paying attention and missed it. Maybe I’ll get it Sunday

Stupid good book…