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I left to comment on the new update after playing for some time, so have a more concrete opinion. In fact I was disappointed, I can say, quite a lot; my creatures had their powers reduced and modified, leading me to prejudice in the pvp disputes, for I noticed that the defeats eventually became more constant. After all, I was unmotivated with the game, no longer play in the same constancy and I’m thinking of taking a break, maybe even a new update.

I know how you feel. My poor Diorajasaur got her abilities shuffled and the counter’s shatter was removed. It’s made her very hard to use, especially against tryko, who is now too strong. It used to be an even matchup between them, but now I can’t even fight it.

Please, Ludia, add Diorajasaur’s shatter back to her counter! Or change the basic strike to shatter or nullify. There’s no point in a counter creature if they can’t even get through a two-turn invincibility shield!

Nearly everything I used previously is now exceedingly difficult to use. I could shuffle my team, but I don’t have much else past level 20 as I can only focus on my main battling team. My trophies would drop dramatically, and I’m sure my alliance would not be happy with that, so I’m stuck. I don’t have real money just laying around to pay for upgrades, as much as I wish I did.

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I’m pretty sure dio is stonger than it was before


Ya you know gaining 30% crit, shields, a rampage plus an attack buff is kinda buff

Whats sad is this is something that Ludia doesnt understand. Still on the “just spend money for our income!” Mindset. I mean come on, spending to literally inch up your game?

That’s not the point. It’s previous set made sense as well.

Did it though i mean where did it get ferocious from…none of its parents had it?

Where did it get instant distraction, tuoji only had distracting strike?

Where did it get precise shattering counter…again none of its parents had shattering, or precise moves?


Check again

If anything it has a better, more unique kit that makes it not just a cheap tryko knock off before

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Plus dinos always change along with the game, like freaking life! You cant except it to be the same.

Plus dioraj has changed many times

From this

To this

To the dioraj we have now, and it will change in the future, this i just a stepping stone in its life and we have to deal with it for the time being.


Also neither raja or ankylo had it they had extended crit strike, and again touji only had distracting strike, and raja didn’t have an amor piercing counter till this update, with its hybrid only having armor piercing.

Because cleanse distraction isn’t so common now right?

Dio got buffed tho…

WHAT?! …it’s always been this common. SS was on almost everything, not also including healing moves like dig-in or regen, cleansing moves like prowl, sidestep, or just cleansing then you had immunity both full and partial. So what the heck are ya talking about?

I agree with you, besides everything the bosses have extremely long lives and very strong podetes that I believe that even a team with creatures at the maximum level will have difficulty winning.

True, things change.

But if you think about it, a lot of the later hybrids have abilities that their progenitors didn’t have. Which dino did indominous rex get its cloak from? Neither. Where did Indoraptor get its cleanse? Who knows?

Each new hybrid is supposed to be an upgraded version of the last two.

Show us your team, I guess it was speedster-heavy.

My humble team, for your analysis.

Lol thats deep. :sob::joy: